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What are we doing?

Become a valuable part of PRIVACY FRIENDLY initiative to make the internet safer place.  

Working form homes, people are becoming increasingly dependent on information and services provided on-line. However, now when we really need them, very few organisations providing such services comply even with minimal requirements set and guaranteed by the EU. In most cases, this is because organisations simply didn’t expect sudden move of their businesses to internet. They struggle to provide the service not having time and resources for security and compliance. Combination of huge demand for internet services (goods, information, delivery…) and fast-paced unsafe services is an ideal environment for cybercrime. We are witnessing more and more clever cyber fraud on a daily basis.

Suspicious websites appear combined with SCAM campaigns exploiting coronavirus fears.

PRIVACY FRIENDLY initiative is actively helping to prevent cyber fraud by evaluating and listing legitimate web sites and helping their owners to provide guaranteed level of personal data protection.  We analyse web pages to measure in which extent they fulfil privacy rights guaranteed by the European union. Pages for analysis are selected based on the potential impact of the violation of human rights they could cause. Such impact is evaluated taking into account type and amount of information web pages process and type of services they provide.

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Analysts are the heart of PRIVACY FRIENDLY

We coudn’ succeed without topnotch analysts. To minimise human error, each site is independently analysed by number of analysts and possible differences in results are agreed before publishing.

To do the job, we need two types of analysts:

  • legal analyst – responsible for identification of essential legal information
  • IT analyst – responsible for identification and function testing essential security elements

Become one! Join us and make a good use of your time spent at home building safer internet services ready to face increasing demands of evolving digital society.

PRIVACY FRIENDLY supports the community by preparing recommendations for web services improvement for public health and schools FREE of charge.

If you are law or IT student who would like to specialise in personal data protection, fill the form and join the team. By attending our online webinar and following step by step methodology, you’ll become and independent web analyst in no time.

You will learn what and why is important for a web site to become privacy friendly.  Once you will be involved in web service design, you’ll know exactly how to ensure your new service will ensure fulfilment of all privacy rights from legal and technology perspective.