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Running a web site which is PRIVACY UNFRIENDLY is dangerous for both, visitors and site owner. 

To assist you in achieving better PRIVACY FRIENDLY score, our assessment reports provide in detail information about requirements your web site has failed and recommendations for improvement with regards to EU web SECURITY and PRIVACY technical and legal requirements.  

Use this information to improve your data processing transparency and security and achieve better level of GDPR and ePrivacy compliance. 

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Make sure your web site protects visitors’ personal data and rights gauranteed by the EU. 

If yor PRIVACY FRIENDLY score is below 100, there’s a room for improvement.

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Based on the potential impact site could cause to a visitor, Ostendo Consulting has selected and analysed more then 1.000 web sites and prepared custom recomendations for improvement.

To encourage better personal data protection in critical public sectors, for all:

  • public schools and
  • public health institutions

already included in the research, reports and instructions for improvement are available for free!

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If your web site is listed among those with PRIVACY SCORE below 50, it could be dangerous for both, your visitors and you.

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